Emotional connection is at the heart of buyers falling in love with your home and if we likened the sale of your home to a ‘love song’, it is Styling that sings the most beautiful of ballads.

Styling is so much more than the furnishings, it is about embodying the life of your home. 

With social media, marketing campaigns and shows like The Block, buyers and sellers alike have never been more attuned to the importance of presenting a home for sale

The presentation of a home can be the difference between selling a property and not selling the property. Even more so, it can be the difference between selling for your reserve price and smashing the reserve price.

Styling a home for sale is becoming the standard inclusion of the marketing campaign when selling a property. 

95% of buyers cannot picture or imagine how they would live in or furnish an empty home. They cannot see scale or proportion and how to configure particular rooms. We are storytellers! A professionally styled property can transform a property from a home lived into a home that is envied.

As qualified interior designers, Aura & Form Interiors approaches styling a property with a view of creating an aspirational lifestyle for buyers. 

We consider the architecture, lifestyle, room and floor plan layout, materials, target market and the buyer experience when they are in the home. A professionally styled home will feel cohesive, calm delivering lifestyle living interiors that not only attracts buyers but connects them with the home.

As the Principal Interior Designer at Aura & Form Interiors, l tell vendors, styling a home for sale is not a cost, it is an investment and should be viewed as an important part of the sale marketing campaign. 

 We see incredible results for our vendors, from selling before auction to achieving more than $1m over reserve. 

When selling your home, generally you are selling your most valuable asset. The market is competitive, buyers are more educated and demanding and expectations on both sides are high. Your home needs to sing to the buyers, and of all the investments you can make on your journey to achieving the highest sale price, it is without doubt that styling is one of the smartest investments you can make. 

About the Author

Susan Willems - Aura & Form Interiors

Director/Principal Interior Designer

A&F Interiors is a design studio renowned for designing classic contemporary spaces inspired by lifestyle living. Our business is founded on our clients and the privilege it is to create their new lifestyle.

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At AURA & FORM Interiors, our team are qualified design professionals that work alongside architects, builders, and clients to deliver carefully crafted high end interior spaces connecting clients emotionally (aura) and maintaining functionality (form) to perform everyday living. We are solution-orientated delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients with organization, efficiency, and attention to detail.

​When your home needs a renovation, soft furnishings or presenting for sale, AURA & FORM Interiors are experts in delivering innovative luxury interiors, on brief and on budget.